Meet Yuliya & Derek

Yuliya Lys

Yuliya's story began almost 15 years ago in the field of wealth management, where she spearheaded the growth and development of clients' portfolios worth over $350 million. Her corporate background and desire to empower people to build wealth made the transition into real estate seamless. Yuliya quickly rose to the top of her field, achieving outstanding results for her clients and numerous awards. Thrilled to be a part of The Partners Real Estate boutique brokerage, Yuliya has brought a dynamic perspective characterized by her focus on client-centric advocacy, her unrelenting work ethic, and a proven track record in negotiations. When combined with THE PARTNERS innovative and best-in-class marketing strategies, this translates into exceptional results. With over $625 million in total sales since January 2020, the firm closes over one hundred deals annually and has brokered numerous record-breaking residential transactions in the city.  Yuliya's natural talent for finding the "Art of the Deal" coupled with a business-minded approach results in an exceptional experience and profitable outcomes for her clients. As a proud resident of the Westside, she brings unrivaled experience and market knowledge. Yuliya is often found working on her backhand on the tennis courts at Kits, Yaletown, or the Jericho Tennis Club in Point Grey. Yuliya looks forward to working on your behalf and achieving your real estate goals!


Derek Grech

Derek has been a leader in Vancouver's real estate industry for over 10 years. After transitioning from a corporate business, his dream was to open his own boutique real estate firm. That dream became a reality with the launch of The Partners Real Estate. Before The Partners, Derek achieved record-setting sales of almost $200 million in 2020 and over $250 million in 2021. With his extensive experience in senior leadership positions at leading advertising agencies and various international brands, Derek brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. In the past, Derek faced complex marketing hurdles while leading the McDonald's Restaurants Marketing Department in 2002. He played a key role in turning around the fast food giant during a time of intense scrutiny following the Hollywood release of the documentary "Supersize Me”. "Try to explain to a leadership board of men that the burgers and fries that had made them so successful over the past 35 years needed a lighter choice option (salads for moms) and if they at the time didn’t do something quickly, the government was threatening health warnings on French Fry packaging similar to label warnings on cigarettes". Derek's and his teams creative solutions helped turn around the McMega giant at the time. After having senior leadership positions in leading advertising agencies with various top international brands, it was in 2009/2010 that Derek decided to start taking his ideas that generated success for the companies he worked for, channeling his passion, creativity and work effort into Real Estate. Derek has now made his dream a reality in launching The Partners Real Estate.

Meet Yuliya & Derek


"Working with Yuliya was fantastic! She was attentive, creative, and extremely hard working. I most appreciated how quickly accomplished the goals we had, as well as her keen attention to detail. Not only did we sell our place within the desired time-frame, but we also sold the second property at the same time due to her networking. You will not be disappointed if you choose Yuliya as your realtor in Vancouver. 5 stars."

- Aran Seaman

"Yuliya made selling and buying in a hot real estate market such a pleasure. We felt informed throughout the entire process and appreciated her patience — it took us over a year of searching to find our new home. Yuliya never pressured us and even dissuaded us from properties she didn’t see value in, which was appreciated. We value her expertise and negotiation skills, which were excellent and would easily recommend her to anyone. "

- Michael Thain & Marlisse Sweeney

" Yuliya, is just the best. I was buying from the US into Canada. She made the process super easy, went out of her way to help me navigate the Canadian system and was always available to help. Besides being very friendly, easy to work with and always dependable, Yuliya went above and beyond in helping me with issues that a realtor doesn't normally handle! I recommend her without reservations!      "

- Dave Howell


Every home demands its own strategy! The PARTNERS – where strategic individuals, or "PARTNERS," with strong business backgrounds collaborate to to better each other and their clients. With a corporate approach to real estate that spans from "boardrooms to living rooms", our focus on collaboration sets us apart from other firms, ensuring the most creative marketing approach and the best client service platform in the business. At The PARTNERS, we recognized a gap in the market when it came to effectively marketing homes. Instead of relying solely on MLS or waiting for the phone to ring, we take a proactive approach by defining the target market, creating a strategic marketing plan tailored to each individual property, and actively pursuing potential buyers. By leveraging emergent technologies and engaging content, we're able to reach a wider audience than traditional sales techniques would allow. We also provide highly-customized, professional quality marketing materials to ensure maximum exposure for each property we represent. In the last few years, The PARTNERS have sold over $625,000,000 in real estate. We believe that every home requires its own unique strategy, and we're dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

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